By bryant

Welcome to my site. I appreciate that there are about 2 million other things you could be doing so thanks for hanging out with me for a while.

There are some pretty cool things on this site. My blog is about my many failed attempts to grow trees in my cube. The site is new but I will try to keep it updated and interesting. My projects page has a list of the things I am up to for my little consulting business. I don’t know what photos to put up so I may take that part down. I may add an about me page where I will try to have a resume like page up.

Anyway, check out the links page. I will try to put some links that reflect my hobbies and interest. All of this will be updated when I have the time. Somewhere between family, church, work and school. Also, please keep in mind that this site is still being built. I am using a free css template and I may end up changing it. If you like it, I suggest you visit the site in the footer to download it. It’s free. That is why you will see so much Latin on the site. It came with the template.

In case you want to link back to my old site, it is available here: old.bryantlarsen.com

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