By bryant

I have had a number of fun ideas this year. Some of them are ideas and will exist in my mind for a while, others have actually seen the light of day. Check out the list.

Larsens Sticky Grid

Have you ever taken a math class that requires you to draw about 50 million graphs of y=mx-b? I did and that was the inspiration for Larsen’s Sticky Grid. The Sticky Grid is a 3inch square sticky pad with a perfect axis and grid printed right on the pad. It has 10 hashes per axis and a watermarked grid that aligns with the hash mark. I will put a picture up later.

I have been selling them to local college bookstores in a shrink wrapped package of 2 pads. They sell for about $2.99. I’m very proud of them as they are my first idea that I have printed and tried to sell. They have sold pretty well at the junior colleges and I am still trying to get them into places like Utah Idaho supply.

Mobile Campus Directory

Mobile Campus Directory is a business venture I am involved with. It is a very useful application that uses a universities directory of staff and faculty and makes it searchable from the iPhone or almost any mobile device.

Look for the iPhone app coming soon, and we hope to have all the public institutions in Utah on the site by the end of October.

Spring framework

I had the fun opportunity to contribute some code to the Spring Framework. I use this framework at work and on the side to create robust and scalable web applications written in Java. My contribution helps people merge data with form fields on an already existing PDF AcroForm. In a nutshell, you can fill in a PDF without actually typing stuff in the fields.

Here is a link to the api if you are interested.

Model Airplanes

While I think model airplanes deserve their own page, I do need to at least mention them here. I have made and flown and crashed a number of cool planes. Here is a video of one of them. google video.

XBox 360 games: PONG

One of the coolest parts of being is School is learning how to do fun stuff like write the Pong Game. This was my first game ever. It takes a while to download all the needed files, but once it is running, you can play the classic pong game.
P.S. You need to use IE to make the program run. Sorry it’s a Microsoft thing.

XBox 360 games: Space Invaders

Practice makes perfect, well maybe practice makes better. My second game is Space Invaders.
P.S. You need to use IE to make the program run. Sorry it’s a Microsoft thing.

XBox 360 games: Xcite Bike

This is an incomplete version of X-cite bike from the nintendo.
P.S. You need to use IE to make the program run. Sorry it’s a Microsoft thing.

Bingo Card Maker

Here is a program that I made for a Bingo Game. I used a simple Java Program and iText to scramble a list of common baby shower gifts and output them as a PDF. It can do as many pages as you want. Someday I will add more than one category.

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